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Sponsorship Program                  
Rainbow Missions
RainbowMissions (Hong Kong Branch)
    Rainbow Missionsisa non-profit organization founded first in the United States. Our mission is to serve and care for the underprivileged and the disabled in China. Our Hong Kong branch was approved by the Hong Kong Government as a charitable organization since 24th April, 2008.

Our Vision
To care for individuals with disabilities in China with the love , to see their abilities and potential fully realized and, together with their support network, see them empowered to bring dignity, faith, hope and love to others with disabilities.
Short Term Service
Each year, Rainbow Missions organizes trips to China to serve the less fortunate and under privileged. We had been visiting the cerebral palsy students, their teachers and parents of Angel House in Nanning ,Guangxi.
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller
We hope that people in the society can support and join our ministry.
Sponsorship Program for disabled children in China  
At present, our Rainbow Missions Hong Kong Branch is subsidizing the Angel House in Guangxi, Liuzhou north special education school and Nanshan special education centre in Shenzhen.Children there either have cerebal palsy, intellectual disabilities, autism or slow learning. Due to the various disabilities of their children, parents have to face great pressure. Some families cannot afford the learning fees and accommodation costs of their children. In view of this, Rainbow Missions started funding some particularly poor families in 2007 ! 
Sponsorship Program
AimTo help the disabled children so that they can have a chance to receive education , accommodation and therapy treatment.
Sponsorship durationAnnually
Sponsoring fee About HK$20,000per student annually(including school fee and accommodation)
I wish to sponsor (Please indicate with ‘X’)

( ) 1.HK $500
( ) 2. HK$1,000 
( ) 3. HK$2,000
( ) 4. HK$3,000
( ) 5. HK$4,000
6.Specified amount:
 HK $                         

Please make cheques in Hong Kong dollars payable to “Rainbow Missions Limited”and mail it with the donation form to ‘P.O. Box No. 84025, Hunghom Bay Post office,Hunghom, Kowloon , Hong Kong’.
Thank you for your supportMay God bless you!
For any donation amount at HK$100 or above, we can issue a tax-deductible receipt. ( Please indicate with ‘X’)
(   )I do not need a receipt.
(   )I need a receipt please.
Please fill out the following information so that we can send the receipt and the information of your sponsored child to you for your care of the family.
 Name (Chinese) ________________________
                    (Surname)      (Given Name)
Telephone no.:_______________________
E-mail :                                                     
You are welcome to contact us through e-mail or visit our website.

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